Contact the Officers

Executive Board, 2015-2017

President: Tim Ringgold, MT-BC
President-Elect: Kymla Eubanks, MM, MT-BC
Past President: Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC/L
Vice President: Emily Horton, SCMT, MT-BC
Vice President-Elect: Carly Brambila, MT-BC
Secretary: Sara Cannon, MT-BC
Treasurer: Kevin Hahn, MM, MT-BC
Parliamentarian: Bill Dluhosh, MT-BC
Government Relations: Dawn Iwamasa, MA, CCLS, MT-BC
Media Relations Coordinator: Matt Logan, MA, MT-BC
Continuing Education: Emily Bailey, MM, MT-BC
WRAMTAS President: Annela Flores

Have a question, but not sure who to ask? Email us, and we’ll be happy to direct you to the appropriate officer.

Representatives to AMTA Standing Committees, 2015-2017

Academic Program Approval: Christine Korb, MM, MT-BC OR
Affiliate Relations: Emily Horton, MT-BC UT
Association Internship Approval: Manal Toppozada, MA, MT-BC/L
Technology: Spencer Hardy, MT-BC
Continuing Education: Emily Bailey, MM, MT-BC
Workforce Development and Retention: Feilin Hsiao, PhD, MT-BC CA
Government Relations: Dawn Iwamasa, MM, MT-BC OR
International Relations: Kazumi Yamaura, MT-BC HI
Membership: Ellen Whealton, MA, MT-BC
Professional Advocacy: Lillieth Grand, MS, MT-BC
Reimbursement: Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC
Research: Eric Waldon, PhD, MT-BC CA
Special Target Populations: Patti Catalano, MM, MT-BC WA
Standards of Clinical Practice: Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC CA
Student Affairs Advisory Board: Sara Selimi, MT-BC
Judicial Review Board: Carlene Brown, PhD, MT-BC WA


Assembly Delegates

The Assembly Delegates are charged with representing our members. Please communicate with your Delegate your stance on national music therapy issues.

Delegate #1 – Eric Waldon, Ph.D., MT-BC CA
Delegate #2 – Piper Laird, MM, MT-BC AZ
Delegate #3 – Ron Borczon, MM, MT-BC CA
Delegate #4 – Matt Logan, MA, MT-BC CA
Delegate #5 – Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC
Delegate #6 – Emily Priestaf
Delegate #7 – Tim Ringgold, MT-BC CA
Delegate #8 – Kymla Eubanks, MM, MT-BC
Delegate #9 – Christine Korb, MM, MT-BC

Assembly Delegates Alternates – in order of call to service

Lisa Jackert, MA, MT-BC CA
Petra Kern, Ph.D., MT-BC
Lillieth Grand, MS, MT-BC
Kevin Hahn, MM, MT-BC  CA
Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC/L NV
Andrea Scheve, MM, MT-BC
Emily Bailey, MM, MT-BC
Kerry Leavell, MA, MT-BC, LPC
Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC