WRAMTA Executive Board, Committees, and Delegates

The Western Region of the American Music Therapy Association is here for all of your questions. Below you will find the members of your Executive Board, American Music Therapy Association committee representatives, and AMTA Assembly delegates.

If you have a question and aren’t sure who to contact, email the Media Relations Coordinator and they will connect you to answers!

Executive Board, 2017-2019



President: Kymla Eubanks, MM, MT-BC

Contact Kymla if you have questions about meeting agendas, grants and scholarships, the AMTA Assembly, appointing Executive Board members and committee representatives, and general questions about the Western Region of the American Music Therapy Association.





President-Elect: Leanne Wade, M.Div., Ph.D., MT-BC

Contact Leanne with questions about voting for Executive Board members and committee representatives.





Past President: Tim Ringgold, MT-BC

Contact Tim with questions about the Executive Board duties, regional archives, and the Historical Committee.




Vice President: Carly Brambila, MT-BC

Contact Carly with questions about regional conference, including scheduling, local committees, and sponsors.



Vice President-Elect: Holly Mead, MT-BC

Contact Holly with questions about regional conference.




Secretary: Candice Bain, MT-BC

Contact Candice with questions about notes from regional meetings, current officers, committee members, and delegates, and contact information.







Treasurer: Kevin Hahn, MM, MT-BC

Contact Kevin with questions about the WRAMTA budget.







Parliamentarian: Bill Dluhosh, MT-BC

Contact Bill with questions about WRAMTA bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order, which govern how the Western Region runs its meetings at conference.





Government Relations: Karla Hawley, MEd., MT-BC

Contact Karla with questions about state task forces and local government relations committees.




Continuing Education: Emily Polichette, MM, MT-BC

Contact Emily with questions about Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits, the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT), and submitting CMTE proposals for regional conference.



Media Relations Coordinator: Kelly Robertson, MT-BC

Contact Kelly with questions about the website, social media, emails, submitting job postings and news, and updating contact information.





WRAMTAS President: Laura Torgeson

Contact Laura with questions about membership in the Western Region American Music Therapy Association for Students, annual WRAMTAS elections, bylaws, and representation in the American Music Therapy Association for Students.



Representatives to AMTA Standing Committees, 2017-2019

Academic Program Approval: Christine Korb, MM, MT-BC
Affiliate Relations: Tara Brinkman, MT-BC
Association Internship Approval: Manal Toppozada, MA, MT-BC/L
Technology: Spencer Hardy, MT-BC
Continuing Education: Emily Polichette, MM, MT-BC
Workforce Development and Retention: Feilin Hsiao, PhD, MT-BC
Government Relations: Karla Hawley, MEd., MT-BC
International Relations: Kazumi Yamaura, MT-BC
Membership: Risa Isogawa, MT-BC
Professional Advocacy: Kalani Das, MT-BC
Reimbursement: Kate Harris, MT-BC/L
Research: Eric Waldon, PhD, MT-BC
Clinical Populations Committee: Patti Catalano, MM, MT-BC
Standards of Clinical Practice: Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC
Student Affairs Advisory Board: Maya Zebley
Judicial Review Board: Piper Laird, MM, MT-BC

2016 – 2017 AMTA Assembly Delegates

The Assembly Delegates are charged with representing our members. Please communicate with your Delegate your stance on national music therapy issues.

Delegate #1 – Eric Waldon, Ph.D., MT-BC
Delegate #2 – Piper Laird, MM, MT-BC
Delegate #3 – Ron Borczon, MM, MT-BC
Delegate #4 – Matt Logan, MA, MT-BC
Delegate #5 – Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC
Delegate #6 – Emily Priestaf, MT-BC
Delegate #7 – Tim Ringgold, MT-BC
Delegate #8 – Kymla Eubanks, MM, MT-BC
Delegate #9 – Christine Korb, MM, MT-BC

Assembly Delegates Alternates – in order of call to service

Lisa Jackert, MA, MT-BC CA
Petra Kern, Ph.D., MT-BC
Lillieth Grand, MS, MT-BC
Kevin Hahn, MM, MT-BC  CA
Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC/L NV
Andrea Scheve, MM, MT-BC
Emily Bailey, MM, MT-BC
Kerry Leavell, MA, MT-BC, LPC
Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC