Meet Your Executive Board

Meet your WRAMTA Executive Board! To find email addresses for executive board officers and to see your standing committee representatives and assembly of delegates, follow this link.




Kymla Eubanks, MM, MT-BC
Position: President
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Leanne Wade, M.Div, Ph.D., MT-BC
Position: President-Elect
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Tim Ringgold, MT-BC
Position: Past President
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Carly Brambila, MT-BC
Position: Vice President
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Candice Bain, MT-BC
Position: Secretary
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Kevin Hahn, MM, MT-BC
Position: Treasurer
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Bill Dluhosh, MT-BC
Position: Parliamentarian







Karla Hawley, MEd., MT-BC
Position: Government Relations
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Kelly Robertson, MT-BC
Position: Media Relations Coordinator
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Emily Polichette, MM, MT-BC
Position: Continuing Education Director
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Laura Torgeson
Position: WRAMTAS President