WRAMTA Posters


WRAMTA Conference • Ontario, CA • February 28 – March 4, 2018

Deadline: To Be Announced

Poster Session Presentation: To Be Announced

The research poster session is a common forum for presenting original research at professional conferences. Typically consisting of a bulletin board or printed poster, it provides an opportunity to share important research findings or information to other professionals using a static, visual format. This poster session is open to all interested presenters, including: practicing and non-practicing music therapists; music therapy undergraduate and graduate students; music therapy interns; and other allied-health or educational professionals with an interest in music-related research.

DESCRIPTION: The research project should entail quantitative, qualitative, mixed-method, theoretical, or historical research in the field of music therapy, psychology of music, music medicine, or music education. Single-case design studies which include a description of treatment methodology, data collection procedures, and a description of outcomes are acceptable. Proposals for research projects which have yet to be completed may be considered (provided they are complete by the conference date).

DIRECTIONS: Quality and content of the proposal will be used to select an indeterminate number of presentations. Please prepare the following information and submit it using the following link: http://www.questionpro.com/t/AJRTGZYCg5

A.  TITLE OF PRESENTATION: It should contain a maximum of 12 words.

B.  ABSTRACT: Containing a maximum 100 words, the abstract should be appropriate for inclusion in the conference program booklet and/or a handout.

C.  DESCRIPTION: The description should have a maximum of 300 words and provide sufficient information concerning the proposal for reviewers to evaluate suitability for the research poster session.

D.  HUMAN SUBJECTS PROTECTION STATEMENT: Provide a brief statement indicating whether or not this project has received approval from the necessary Institutional Review Board panels.

E.  BIBLIOGRAPHY: Please include at least five (5) references that are relevant to the research being presented.

F.  PRESENTER’S NAME AND AFFILIATION: Please include the names and affiliations (e.g., university name, hospital, school district. etc.) of all presenters. List in the order of primary, secondary, etc., author.

G.  CONTACT INFORMATION: Please include the name, address, telephone, and email address of the primary author.

H.  AGREEMENT: By submitting a proposal, I am agreeing to present at any time during the conference at which my presentation is scheduled (signed by primary author).

Please direct all questions to:

Cindy Colwell, Ph.D., MT-BC
MWAMTA Research Committee Representative
office: (785) 864-9635

Eric G. Waldon, Ph.D., MT-BC
WRAMTA Research Committee Representative
office: (209) 946-2419