Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

Stay tuned for information on nominations and applications for 2018 awards, scholarships, and grants!

Celeste Poll Student Scholarship

  • Partial conference travel and registration reimbursement
  • One CMTE course (3 or 5 credit hours)

Intern Scholarship

  • Two winners, $500 each

Wilhelmina Harbert Professional Scholarship

Available for the Professional MT-BC winner:

  • Partial conference travel and registration reimbursement
  • One CMTE course (3 or 5 credit hours)

Professional Development Grants

$2,500 total available for all grants

Professional Awards

Betty Isern Howery – Western Region Recognition Award
Service Award
Professional Practice Award
Publications Award
Advocacy Award
Presidential Award of Recognition

2016 Professional Award Recipients

Advocacy – OR State Rep. Julie Parrish
Service – Rachel McCauley
Publications – Christine Korb
Professional Practice – Mary Alvarado
Betty Isern Howery – Anne B. Parker
Presidential Award of Recognition – Jodi Winnwalker, Dawn Iwamasa, Laura Beer, Lillieth Grand, Melissa Potts, Christine Korb, and Ted Owen

2016 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Emily Higgins – ($1,000)
Leticia Castillo – ($1,000)

2016 Conference Scholar Award Recipients

Kailey Pederson – Celeste Poll Student ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Amanda Griggs – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Corinne Chadwick – Serena Wadsworth Memorial ($1,500)

2016 Professional Development Grant Recipient

Brittany Tachov ($1,739)

2015 New Professional Grant Recipient

Kayla Zuckerman ($761)

2015 Professional Award Recipients

Betty Isern Howery: Piper Laird
Professional Practice: Laura Beer
Publications: Ronald Borczon
Service Award: Barbara Crowe
Advocacy: Steve and Barb Young
Presidential Award of Recognition: Lauren Bevilacqua

2015 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Korinne Fenton – ($1,000)
Candace Bain – ($1,000)

2015 Conference Scholar Award Recipients

Joy Chiang – 1st Time Attendee (registration)
Melinda Wilson – REMO (registration)
Jennifer Ostrowski – Celeste Poll Student ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Erin Silvius – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Alexander Lesser – Serena Wadsworth Memorial ($1,500)
Amanda Griggs – Serena Wadsworth Memorial ($1,500)

2015 Professional Development Grant Recipient

Carmen Steele-Abundez – ($1500)

2015 New Professional Grant Recipient

Brittany Olisar – ($1,000)

2014 Professional Award Recipients

Professional Practice – Letha Mark
Advocacy – Utah State Representative Rebecca P. Edwards
Advocacy – David J. Grand
Presidential Award of Recognition: Utah State Task Force for successful passage of HB277: Co-Chairs Letha Mark & Maureen Hearns, Emily Horton, Jaycie Vorhees, Emily Bailey, Malou Cline, Emily Christensen

2014 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Kelsey Walker – ($1,000)
Heather Nelson – ($1,000)

2014 Conference Scholar Award Recipients

Shelly Zeiser – 1st Time Attendee (registration)
Melinda Wilson – REMO (registration)
Danielle Kamica King – Celeste Poll Student ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Laura DeLoye – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Sara Rosenow – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)

2014 Professional Development Grants Recipient

Patti Catalano – ($920)

2013 Professional Award Recipients

Betty Isern Howery: Barbara Else
Professional Practice: Robin Rio
Service Award: Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Adler
Advocacy: Andrea Moriarty
Presidential Award of Recognition: Lillieth Grand
Presidential Award of Recognition: Susan Doering
Presidential Award of Recognition: Tracey Levy

2013 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Heidi Webster ($1,000)
Nicholas Farr ($1,000)

2013 Professional Development Grants Recipients

Angie Kopshy – ($1,200)
Manal Toppozada –  ($1,000)

2013 New Professional Grant Recipient

Christine Burningham – ($300)

Past Professional Award Recipients

2012 Betty Isern Howery: Chris Korb
2012 Advocacy: Nevada State Senator Moises “Mo” Denis
2012 Presidential Award of Recognition: Rachel Firchau
2011 Betty Isern Howery: Jennifer Geiger
2011 Professional Practice: Kat Fulton
2011 Service Award: Terri Smith-Morse
2011 Advocacy: Pam Krug
2010 Betty Isern Howery: Maureen Hearns
2010 Presidential Award Government Relations: Sherri Giguere
2010 Presidential Award of Recognition: Angie Bollier
2010 Service Award: Barbara Else
2010 Professional Practice: Ron Borczon
2009 Betty Isern Howery: Tracy Leonard-Warner
2009 Presidential Award for Historical Relations: Ted Ficken, Wendy Woolsey, Lillieth Grand & Jennifer Geiger
2009 Service Award: Denise Dugal-Wulfman
2009 Publications Award: Eric G. Waldon
2009 Advocacy: REMO
2008 Betty Isern Howery: David Wolfe
2007 Betty Isern Howery: Jodi Winnwalker
2007 Presidential Award of Recognition: Randy Warner, Statutory Agent
2007 Service Award: Jennifer Geiger
2006 Betty Isern Howery: Helen Dolas
2006 Professional Practice: Sheryl Kelly
2006 Professional Practice: Vaughn Kaser
2005 Betty Isern Howery: Celeste Behnke
2005 Professional Practice: Lisa Jackert
2004 Betty Isern Howery: Ted Ficken
2004 Service Award: Tracy Leonard-Warner
2004 Publications Award: Wendy Woolsey
2004 Professional Practice: Elizabeth York
2003 Betty Isern Howery: Barbara Reuer
2003 Publications Award: Ron Borczon
2003 Professional Practice: Julie Allis-Berghofer
2002: No nominations or recipients
2001 Betty Isern Howery: Stephen Betz
2001: Professional Practice: Mary DiCamillo
2000 Betty Isern Howery: Lois Friedlander
2000 Service Award: Laura Walters
2000 Service Award: Jean Nicholas-Nye
2000 Publications Award: Barbara Crowe
2000 Professional Practice: Roberta Adler
1999 Betty Isern Howery: Ronald Borczon
1999 Service Award: Desiree Donich Werth
1999 Professional Practice: Susan Jette
1998 Betty Isern Howery: Suzanne Oliver
1998 Service Award: David Luce
1998 Publications Award: David Wolfe
1998 Professional Practice: Celeste Behnke
1997 Betty Isern Howery: Bruce Saperston
1997 Service Award: Suzanne Oliver
1997 Publications Award: April Rickey
1996 Betty Isern Howery: Kay Roskam
1995 Betty Isern Howery: Barbara Crowe
1994: The Publications, Service and professional Practice Awards were created by David Wolfe & approved by the Executive Committee. There were no nominations or recipients this year.
1993 Betty Isern Howery: Alice Parente
1992 Betty Isern Howery: Fran Goldberg
1991 Betty Isern Howery: Carol Bitcon