Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

Stay tuned for information on nominations and applications for 2018 awards, scholarships, and grants!

Celeste Poll Student Scholarship

  • Partial conference travel and registration reimbursement
  • One CMTE course (3 or 5 credit hours)

Intern Scholarship

  • Two winners, $500 each

As many of you may have heard, the music therapy community recently lost a tireless advocate, and amazing musician and therapist, Dr. Kay Sherwood Roskam. In lieu of flowers, her family has requested that donations be made in her name to the WRAMTA Intern Scholarship. Sincere thanks to Kay’s family.

Checks may be mailed to the WRAMTA Treasurer:

WRAMTA c/o Kevin Hahn
2230 Exposition Drive, Unit 37
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Wilhelmina Harbert Professional Scholarship

Available for the Professional MT-BC winner:

  • Partial conference travel and registration reimbursement
  • One CMTE course (3 or 5 credit hours)

Professional Development Grants

$2,500 total available for all grants

Professional Awards

Betty Isern Howery – Western Region Recognition Award
Service Award
Professional Practice Award
Publications Award
Advocacy Award
Presidential Award of Recognition

2016 Professional Award Recipients

Advocacy – OR State Rep. Julie Parrish
Service – Rachel McCauley
Publications – Christine Korb
Professional Practice – Mary Alvarado
Betty Isern Howery – Anne B. Parker
Presidential Award of Recognition – Jodi Winnwalker, Dawn Iwamasa, Laura Beer, Lillieth Grand, Melissa Potts, Christine Korb, and Ted Owen

2016 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Emily Higgins – ($1,000)
Leticia Castillo – ($1,000)

2016 Conference Scholar Award Recipients

Kailey Pederson – Celeste Poll Student ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Amanda Griggs – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Corinne Chadwick – Serena Wadsworth Memorial ($1,500)

2016 Professional Development Grant Recipient

Brittany Tachov ($1,739)

2015 New Professional Grant Recipient

Kayla Zuckerman ($761)

2015 Professional Award Recipients

Betty Isern Howery: Piper Laird
Professional Practice: Laura Beer
Publications: Ronald Borczon
Service Award: Barbara Crowe
Advocacy: Steve and Barb Young
Presidential Award of Recognition: Lauren Bevilacqua

2015 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Korinne Fenton – ($1,000)
Candace Bain – ($1,000)

2015 Conference Scholar Award Recipients

Joy Chiang – 1st Time Attendee (registration)
Melinda Wilson – REMO (registration)
Jennifer Ostrowski – Celeste Poll Student ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Erin Silvius – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Alexander Lesser – Serena Wadsworth Memorial ($1,500)
Amanda Griggs – Serena Wadsworth Memorial ($1,500)

2015 Professional Development Grant Recipient

Carmen Steele-Abundez – ($1500)

2015 New Professional Grant Recipient

Brittany Olisar – ($1,000)

2014 Professional Award Recipients

Professional Practice – Letha Mark
Advocacy – Utah State Representative Rebecca P. Edwards
Advocacy – David J. Grand
Presidential Award of Recognition: Utah State Task Force for successful passage of HB277: Co-Chairs Letha Mark & Maureen Hearns, Emily Horton, Jaycie Vorhees, Emily Bailey, Malou Cline, Emily Christensen

2014 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Kelsey Walker – ($1,000)
Heather Nelson – ($1,000)

2014 Conference Scholar Award Recipients

Shelly Zeiser – 1st Time Attendee (registration)
Melinda Wilson – REMO (registration)
Danielle Kamica King – Celeste Poll Student ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Laura DeLoye – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)
Sara Rosenow – Wilhelmina Harbert Professional ($400 travel, registration, 1 CMTE)

2014 Professional Development Grants Recipient

Patti Catalano – ($920)

2013 Professional Award Recipients

Betty Isern Howery: Barbara Else
Professional Practice: Robin Rio
Service Award: Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Adler
Advocacy: Andrea Moriarty
Presidential Award of Recognition: Lillieth Grand
Presidential Award of Recognition: Susan Doering
Presidential Award of Recognition: Tracey Levy

2013 Intern Scholarship Recipients

Heidi Webster ($1,000)
Nicholas Farr ($1,000)

2013 Professional Development Grants Recipients

Angie Kopshy – ($1,200)
Manal Toppozada –  ($1,000)

2013 New Professional Grant Recipient

Christine Burningham – ($300)

Past Professional Award Recipients

2012 Betty Isern Howery: Chris Korb
2012 Advocacy: Nevada State Senator Moises “Mo” Denis
2012 Presidential Award of Recognition: Rachel Firchau
2011 Betty Isern Howery: Jennifer Geiger
2011 Professional Practice: Kat Fulton
2011 Service Award: Terri Smith-Morse
2011 Advocacy: Pam Krug
2010 Betty Isern Howery: Maureen Hearns
2010 Presidential Award Government Relations: Sherri Giguere
2010 Presidential Award of Recognition: Angie Bollier
2010 Service Award: Barbara Else
2010 Professional Practice: Ron Borczon
2009 Betty Isern Howery: Tracy Leonard-Warner
2009 Presidential Award for Historical Relations: Ted Ficken, Wendy Woolsey, Lillieth Grand & Jennifer Geiger
2009 Service Award: Denise Dugal-Wulfman
2009 Publications Award: Eric G. Waldon
2009 Advocacy: REMO
2008 Betty Isern Howery: David Wolfe
2007 Betty Isern Howery: Jodi Winnwalker
2007 Presidential Award of Recognition: Randy Warner, Statutory Agent
2007 Service Award: Jennifer Geiger
2006 Betty Isern Howery: Helen Dolas
2006 Professional Practice: Sheryl Kelly
2006 Professional Practice: Vaughn Kaser
2005 Betty Isern Howery: Celeste Behnke
2005 Professional Practice: Lisa Jackert
2004 Betty Isern Howery: Ted Ficken
2004 Service Award: Tracy Leonard-Warner
2004 Publications Award: Wendy Woolsey
2004 Professional Practice: Elizabeth York
2003 Betty Isern Howery: Barbara Reuer
2003 Publications Award: Ron Borczon
2003 Professional Practice: Julie Allis-Berghofer
2002: No nominations or recipients
2001 Betty Isern Howery: Stephen Betz
2001: Professional Practice: Mary DiCamillo
2000 Betty Isern Howery: Lois Friedlander
2000 Service Award: Laura Walters
2000 Service Award: Jean Nicholas-Nye
2000 Publications Award: Barbara Crowe
2000 Professional Practice: Roberta Adler
1999 Betty Isern Howery: Ronald Borczon
1999 Service Award: Desiree Donich Werth
1999 Professional Practice: Susan Jette
1998 Betty Isern Howery: Suzanne Oliver
1998 Service Award: David Luce
1998 Publications Award: David Wolfe
1998 Professional Practice: Celeste Behnke
1997 Betty Isern Howery: Bruce Saperston
1997 Service Award: Suzanne Oliver
1997 Publications Award: April Rickey
1996 Betty Isern Howery: Kay Roskam
1995 Betty Isern Howery: Barbara Crowe
1994: The Publications, Service and professional Practice Awards were created by David Wolfe & approved by the Executive Committee. There were no nominations or recipients this year.
1993 Betty Isern Howery: Alice Parente
1992 Betty Isern Howery: Fran Goldberg
1991 Betty Isern Howery: Carol Bitcon